AISM Library

The AISM Library is the academic hub of the school, offering a flexible and attractive environment that allows for simultaneous uses for small group assignments, class instruction or private reading and research. The first floor is dedicated to the primary school library and the second floor to the secondary school library. The third floor mezzanine serves as a quiet reading and research area for students, staff and parents.

The library offers a range of resources to students to support their research, develop life-long learning skills and foster a love of reading. Additionally, in collaboration with teachers, information literacy skills are taught within the context of classroom projects and inquiry. Through a rich array of resources and programs, the library seeks to reflect the international and multi-cultural nature of the AISM community.

The AISM library also has a regular program of events and exhibitions such as Books Week, reading nights for parents and students, visiting authors, etc.

Library services are provided by two professional librarians supported by two assistants who work closely with teachers, the literacy specialist and the IT department.

Computers and Devices

Both libraries have adjoining computer labs for class instruction or individual work. The library also holds laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, Kindles and iPads for use in the library and in the classroom.

Parents Role in the Library

Parents are welcome to use the library and borrow books, DVDs and magazines. Adult use of the library is encouraged as it provides a good role-model for students.

The library collection is mainly in English, but books and DVDs are also available in Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. Electronic books are also available via the Kindles and iPads.

Online Library Catalog

Parents and students can browse and search for books and age-appropriate resources through the online library catalogue and can also see the front cover and read reviews of books using the Title Peek feature. With Webpath Express, parents and students can also search for age-appropriate webpages on the Internet.