AISM Board of Directors

The American International School of Mozambique is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, six of whom are elected by the AISM Association and one of whom serves as the appointed representative of the U.S. Ambassador of Mozambique. Association membership comprises all parents or guardians of children enrolled at the School.


The role of the AISM Board is to:

  • Exercise full control of the business and affairs of the Association and of the School;
  • Uphold the Mission of the School;
  • Legally represent the School;
  • Approve tuition, budgets, policies;
  • Present monthly reports to the Association; and
  • Deliberate, communicate and ensure that AISM progresses in its strategic goals in support of the School’s


Open Board meetings are scheduled three times per year: in September to share with the community the Board’s goals for the current school year; in February to report on progress; and in May at an AGM to present the Annual Report and to conduct board elections for the next school year.