Board Goals

AISM 2020–2021 Board Goals

1. Health, Safety and Wellbeing                               The Board and Administration will work together to ensure the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our AISM community based on the mission and core values of the school, and public health guidance, in the face of the current global COVID-19 pandemic.            

 2. Achieve Financial Stability                     The Finance and Facilities Committee will balance fiduciary responsibilities with strategic and generative work, and will involve other stakeholders as appropriate as it supports the school in short and medium term planning.     

 3. Establish Leading School Indicators      The ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee will work with broad stakeholder representation to develop measures of a high quality international school program. 

4. Develop our Culture of Trust and Transparency
The Governance Committee will work with the administration to support and develop trust and transparency throughout the institution through reviewing policy and procedures and development of short and medium term actions and plans. 

5. Innovate and Improve Educational Programs
The school administration will work with students, teachers and parents in a collaborative manner to improve learning, and to establish processes for innovation and improvement of student learning programs. 

6. Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice
The school administration will work with the Board, students and other stakeholders to review and develop programs and procedures that promote diversity, equity and inclusion and justice.


AISM is an independent nonprofit school governed by a seven-member board of directors, six of whom are elected by the AISM Association and one of whom serves as the appointed representative of the U.S. Embassy. Association membership is automatically conferred on all parents and guardians who have children attending AISM.

The role of AISM’s board is to:

  • Exercise full control of the business and affairs of the Association and of the School
  • Uphold the mission of the School
  • Legally represent the School
  • Appoint the school director
  • Approve tuition, budgets, policies
  • Present reports to the Association
  • Deliberate, communicate and ensure that AISM progresses in its strategic goals in support of the School’s Mission


AISM is a non-owned, not-for-profit institution, meaning every dollar received is invested in the school. These funds provide an excellent education for our students by attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty, staff, and administration; and by investing in quality instructional resources, including equipment, technology, and teaching supplies, and maintaining, remodeling, or adding to our facilities.

Our board of directors are voluntary members who receive no financial compensation for their commitment of time and effort—as a non-owned, non-profit entity, there are no owners, investors, or shareholders to which a return is paid.

Our tuition rates are comparable to international schools of like nature in Southern Africa. The education that AISM provides is unparallelled in Maputo, offering comprehensive educational programs and services—including status as an IB World School (providing all of PYP, MYP, and DP)—and the best facilities and most qualified faculty among schools in Maputo.

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Pedro Couto
Board Chair

Phil Psilos

Dalila Tsihlakis

Jean-Jacque Badiane

Martim Faria e Maya

Eric Davis

Thuy Pham

Kebba Jobarteh
Honorary member