“AISM's location makes it special... in the corner of Southern Africa, just metres from the Indian Ocean, surrounded by local communities and home to all sorts of amazing birds and other wildlife.”

Sam Sherratt
Director of Learning







An enduring theme at AISM is community.  School programs have long been enjoyed by entire families.


From humble beginnings, the American International School of Mozambique has grown and flourished. In the 28 years since the US Embassy and its staff founded the school to provide an American-style education for the children of those who worked at embassies, NGOs, and multinational corporations, the student population has grown from 60 to more than 600. In the early years, the school was housed in a small building in the heart of the city. Today we occupy 20 acres about 500 meters from the Indian Ocean.

In 2000 the school adopted the International Baccalaureate framework, and since 2003 AISM has been a full IB school.

While our original mascot was the Dolphin, today we are proud to have the Cape Buffalo as our official mascot. You can see the curved horns of the Cape Buffalo in various designs on campus, including our custom Capulana design and our school logo.

AISM is accredited by the Middle States Association.

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