Welcome to our corner of the web from our corner of the world--where the smiles and the warmth of the community are palpable and genuine!

My family and I are thrilled to be joining the AISM community.  Coming from the neighboring country of Zambia, we have a deep love for Southern Africa and have long admired AISM and beautiful Mozambique.  The global pandemic has indeed changed many aspects of our lives, but it has not changed the essential elements of the AISM experience to which we were drawn: dedicated teachers working with engaged students and committed parents to create a school where students thrive.  

We look forward to working with the entire school community to ensure that AISM remains the school of choice in Mozambique.  

Russell Menard, Ed.D.

Director's Message

So what's in a name? Our identity starts with our name: the American International School of Mozambique.

What’s American?

Our founders were American expatriate workers who wanted to provide their children with an English language education underscored by an American ethos. With the US Embassy’s support, they founded the school, joining the other 190+ American schools worldwide. We still maintain a relationship with the US Embassy and benefit from a bilateral agreement between the United States and the Republic of Mozambique.

What’s International?

We have more than 50 nations represented in our student body and teachers from around the globe. The tenets of the International Baccalaureate Programmes are foundational to our school identity, and our school was the first IB World School in Mozambique.

What’s Mozambican?

We are honored to be residents of this rich and diverse part of southeastern Africa. Over 20% of our students and staff are native Mozambicans. Our celebration of Mozambique's rich heritage reaches well beyond Capulana Friday, when we wear with pride the bright fabrics that you see worn everywhere, or the flavors of the peri-peri chicken, which we love! The spirit of Mozambique is found in our love of our neighbor, the peaceful and warm spirit that exudes from our community, and the grit and determination that accompanies the “anything is possible” optimism of Maputo. And that’s just the beginning!

While our name is important to us, we are so much more than our name

Imagine a place that transcends your imagination of what school is all about. A place where students from early years through high school experience a program that is completely focused on what they need to succeed—one that is developmentally appropriate, effective, progressive, and empowering. For teachers, it’s endlessly stimulating to teach at a place where there is palpable excitement about learning. Where teaching means inspiring our learners by giving them a voice in their education and giving teachers the opportunity to help students succeed. A place where teachers are committed to learning and advancing their own pedagogical skills. AISM is committed to being a hub for professional development on the continent, attracting the best teachers from around the world.

In educator-speak, our program is focused on the whole child. We are learner-centered and committed to giving our students voice and choice in how they learn—we call this student agency. We strive to create an educational experience that is personalized, authentic, and contextualized; it’s based on inquiry and is open-walled and based on competency. That may sound like a lot, and it is. But we firmly believe this is the best way to learn and teach. Want to know more?

As you weave your way through our website, you will learn how the International Baccalaureate Programme provides a critical framework empowering us to provide the best education for our students. Our aim is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will transform their world and propel them to success in the present and future.

When our classes end, learning continues. From our primary school through high school, our students participate in a wide range of after-school activities. We are deeply committed to physical health through competitive sports. Additionally, throughout the year, members of our school community dedicate their time and talent to our community connections program, where they make lasting and valuable contributions to our city and country.

As you can see, AISM is much more than its name. I’m confident that the more you explore, the more you will, like me, be smitten with the spirit, warmth, energy, and joy of AISM.

Russell Menard, Ed.D.
School Director