Dear AISM Community,

This week we expect President Nyusi to announce the continuation or the easing of restrictions. I know that many of us hope that on-campus learning can start again. We are preparing for a campus reopening on March 8, hoping that the president allows it. If he does, we will be calling families beginning on Friday to check on health and travel quarantines. Use our online COVID-19 flowchart if anyone in your household has recently traveled, has COVID-like symptoms or has had recent exposure to someone who’s tested positive. 

On Friday we sent out a very brief survey for re-enrollment for August 2021. Our survey went out to several email addresses in our database for each child. You only need to respond once. We have a 46% response rate as of Sunday evening, and we’re aiming for 100%. If you are unsure if your children will be re-enrolling at AISM, that is important for us to know. Please check your junk mail/Spam folder if you haven’t received an email and survey invitation from the school. The survey will only take a few moments of your time. 

At the Association meeting last Thursday, a part of the report we shared with parents is that the school’s finances were well managed in recent years, allowing us to build modest reserves and to pay down a chunk of our debt. We also looked at the current year’s operations and saw that the school has a significant budget deficit to make up next year, to balance our budget. We are using the reserves we built up over the past three years. Several parents spoke up against the idea of a tuition increase next year. The administration and Board heard these voices. We are looking first at cost cutting measures with minimal impact on the breadth and quality of our programs next year. In March our Finance Committee (FFC) will be looking closely at our re-enrollment data as we plan for next year. Knowing enrollment is a key for us to make good decisions as early as possible. 

We are beginning MAP testing with students in Grades 3–10 this week. Although it is not a perfect match for our curriculum and philosophy, the MAP assessments are a good snapshot of our students and programs. Taken annually, the MAP can help answer the questions on every parent’s mind, “Is my child learning at the right level and at the right pace?” It can also help AISM compare the levels our students are learning at, compared to US public and private schools, and to other international schools. Quick things for parents to know: 

  • The MAP is taken over several days, one subject at a time. 

  • The MAP is not a high-stakes assessment. It is NOT used for placement in school or acceptance to college. 

  • The best way you can help your child is to make sure they get plenty of sleep and have a good breakfast each day before their MAP session. 

  • This video by Director of Learning Sam Sherratt also answers many questions that parents may have about the MAP assessment. 

Yours in learning,

Jim Laney

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The Student Senate has been created as an addition to the current student council structure. This new body will be composed of 2 students from grades 6-12. These new leaders will be responsible for sharing their grades' concerns, working towards school wide initiatives, and leading their respective grades. Are you up for the challenge?

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The whole AISM community is invited to the sharing and celebration of our Grade 5's Primary Years Program Exhibition. As we continue to figure out the details of what this showcase will look and how it will work this year in our current context we will share more information with the community. But for now, please mark that date in your calendar as we would love to have you all there with us to participate in this very special AISM event.

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