Thank you to those who were able to attend one of the parent sessions. The feedback that we got from parents was very valuable. A number of requests were made, and an error of omission in the MAP reports that were shared with parents was discovered.

If you have any questions, please contact our MAP Coordinator, Nola Heckmann or Director of Learning, Sam Sherratt.

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Sascha would like to invite parents/ guardians to join him for a coffee at a “Listening session”, where parents/ guardians can bring their concerns, ideas, or just a chance to "pick his brain about Learning at AISM". There are two scheduled dates and venues. Each Listening Session will accommodate 12 parents/ guardians per session, at a time. If you would like to join a Listening Session, please reserve your spot by filling out the Google form link.

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Come and watch Grade 9 and 10 drama students perform "DUE PER UNO" translated '"Two for One" Commedia dell'Arte play! Commedia dell'Arte also is an Italian, theatrical, rehearsed yet improvised art form, based on stock characters! Around the 16th century in Italy actors traveled in troupes and performed on city streets and squares.

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DP Theatre Performances: Solo and Collaborative Project performances by 11th and 12th grade students as part of their DP Theatre Course, which will be submitted to the IB. Please note the audience restrictions on the posters. Each performance will have an aspect of evaluation at the end, this could be in the form of a question and answer talk-back session, or a feedback survey, thus please come prepared to share the impact a performance had on you.

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De 23 a 27 de Outubro, as equipas de voleibol da AISM partiram no campeonato de voleibol ISSEA em Nairobi, no Quénia. ISSEA representa as Escolas Internacionais da África Sul e Oeste. A cada temporada desportiva, há ISSEA's em diferentes atividades. Na primeira temporada havia ISSEA voleibol e atletismo.

- Margarida Dehaan

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