Dear Members of the Buffalo Herd,

We are entering the final week of school before our Festive Break. The untimely arrival of the Omicron variant and an increase of COVID-19 cases has added a substantial amount of anxiety, inconvenience, and unease. Despite the disappointments of upturned travel plans and the added frustrations of new health and safety measures by governments around the world, I hope that you are still able to enjoy this holiday season. There remains much cause for gratitude and good cheer – although it may not always feel as obvious as it may have before.

Last week was an exciting one on campus with the Primary School’s Celebration of Learning, the Grade 5 Science Exposition, the PTA’s holiday crafts sessions in Primary School, ISSEA Swimming, ASA’s and much more. Please join me in thanking the hard-working staff and PTA for all they are doing to provide rich opportunities for our learners to thrive in the classroom and in our community.

Wherever you are over the Festive Break, please protect your own health and that of others by following common-sense measures including masking, distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding public gatherings, and minimizing close contact with individuals wherever possible. Please emphasize the importance of these measures to your children, even as you review your own practices during daily life. We all have an important role to play in keeping the herd healthy. Please do not, under any circumstances, send an ill child to school. Instead, please review our COVID-19 Decision Tree and contact our Health Services team directly ( before coming to school. 

Here are some other reminders for our final week:

  • Quarantine of Primary School and Grade 11: As I have shared earlier this week, we have had to take the regrettable step of moving the Primary School as well as Grade 11 to Real-Time Virtual Learning. Primary School parents can see information later in Joe’s section of this newsletter.
  • Last Day of School is Friday, 10 December – Noon Dismissal: We will close at noon on Friday. There will be no ASA’s on that day.
  • Reminder of On-Campus Learning after the Festive Break: This year’s Festive Break will run from 11 December through 10 January. Prevailing pandemic conditions permitting, we plan to open with on-campus learning on 11 January. Please plan ahead to accommodate any quarantine requirements, as described below.
  • Reminder of AISM’s Post-Travel Quarantine Requirements: For information on the school’s quarantine requirements and other measures required for yoru child's on-campus learning in January, please consult our COVID-19 Decision Tree. Don’t worry about losing this link – the decision tree is always available on the COVID-19 Response page in our Community Portal. As a reminder, our current post-travel quarantine requirements are:
    • After international air travel, the school requires children to quarantine at home for ten days. This time can be shortened as described below. The date of return is considered Day 0 for counting your stay-at-home dates.
      • A negative PCR or Rapid test taken 3–5 days after returning can shorten this period to 7 days after the date of return for non-vaccinated children. 
      • fully-vaccinated child may return to school upon receiving a negative PCR or Rapid test taken 3–5 days after returning. 
      • If a test is not taken after returning, then the child should remain at home for 10 days after the date of return, whether vaccinated or not.
    • Currently, quarantines are not required for cross-border ground travel in personal vehicles. This will be reviewed and may have to be adjusted due to the prevailing conditions.
  • Reminder of AISM’s Policy on COVID-19 Home Testing Kits: Please note that results from home testing kits are not currently accepted by AISM. Feel free to contact our Health Services Team ( at any time for questions about testing or any other aspect of our COVID-19 mitigation efforts. 


I wish the entire herd a happy, healthy, and hopeful holiday season!

With thanks,

Dr. Russ Menard

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The final draft of the AISM Parent Directory for 2021 can be found in the full story. It represents the listings of those who explicitly consented to have their contact information displayed.  If the information displayed is inaccurate, please send an email to and clarify the needed changes.  We will again update this at the end of January, 2020 and include new families who wish to be included.

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Our cafeteria food service provider, Delicias do Bolota, is ready to provide hot lunches, soups, and snacks!  We are limiting the opening to secondary school learners and all staff until all systems are running smoothly. We will be offering Delicias’ services to primary students as soon as possible (but with food delivered to their designated eating areas).  Read the full story for important payment details and menus.

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The Board of Directors has approved our 2022-23 academic calendar. As usual our calendar reflects the following priorities:

  • 180 student days - starting in early August and ending as early in June as possible. The reason for the early June finish is to have as few school days as possible AFTER the Grade 12 students have started their IB exams in early May so that they can benefit from as many academic days as possible beforehand.
  • Respect for Mozambican public holidays as well as the American Thanksgiving holiday
  • Four-week school holiday in December and January
  • One-week school holidays in October and March/April

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