Distance Learning Album

Games and puzzles make a good stand up desk

- Nancy Teskey 

Secondary School Music Teacher

Gimme a card table and a laptop and let’s connect!

- Mike Teskey 

Director of Communications and Advancement

Ready for anything!

- Christina Allen

Getting ready for the week ahead in the UK..... Just remember that nobody is ever completely "isolated" on the Distance Learning Plan !!

- Dave Allen

First day of home schooling

- Louise Vanhaelen

This coming week will be exciting as AISM welcomes the three finalists for the new School Director position. The board wants to hear from all stakeholders with your thoughts and impressions on which of these candidates would make the best leader for our school community. Parents are invited to meet the candidates on Tuesday morning in the auditorium, during three separate sessions with each candidate, from 7:45 a.m to 11:15 a.m. The board intends to post a video of the sessions on the Community Portal until February 21. Please send your feedback to Search Committee Chair Matt Droz at matthew.droz@aism-moz.com by February 21.

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