After School Activities Week 5

Dear Learners and Parents,

We continue with week 5 of ASAs on 19 October. This week we have a full schedule of offerings for after school activities. 

Please go to this link in order to visit the AISM Virtual Activities Office.  You will find all of the activities, dates and times, needed materials, and Zoom link for each activity in the Virtual Activities Office.  Keep checking back to the Virtual Activities Office for new announcements and content. 

Activities are open to AISM learners in grades 1-12.  The list of activities indicates the grade that is most appropriate to participate.  Activities are listed by day of the week, and have Primary School at the top and Secondary School at the bottom.  Check back each week for material lists and any possible changes to the weekly schedule.  

Activities do not require specific sign up, unless specifically indicated as static enrollment.  For static enrollment, teachers will talk more about that in the first lessons.  Learners may also select to participate in one session for an activity but skip it the next week.  Families may not always have materials or access to appropriate spaces necessary to participate from week to week, or they may be traveling.  The only attendance regulation is for learners to be on time for each session, and be prepared to participate for the entire activity. 

If you have questions, please send them to Lee Clagnaz at