Café Sol Snack Bar (Tuck Shop) for secondary school students:

As part as AISM’s plan to normalization school operations during the pandemic, we have decided to re-open the secondary school snack bar. 

Given the need for adequate spacing between students, faculty, and staff we have developed a system that will reduce lines via pre-ordering and prepayment of consumer accounts.

Step 1:  Pre-payment into student/staff accounts:

To create a truly cashless system we will create a pre-paid account for each consumer (student/staff) by which, each time there is an order made, the cost of that order will be deducted from the prepaid balance in the account.   

From A Café Sol Staff person will be stationed at the parking lot just north of the lot in front of the main entrance of the school, at drop-off and pick-up from September 8 to 10:  card and cash prepayments for food and drink will be possible at the stand during those 3 days.   

Also from September 8 onward, prepayments can be made through the following ways:

1. Mpesa to 842233761

2. Bank EFT To Companhia do Café de Maputo.  

BCI Account number: 1262319310001  

NIB: 0008 0000 12623193101 80

3. Payment in-person at Café Sol in Sommerschield II, either by cash or card

Note:  For Mpesa and Bank EFT account pre-payment, it must be followed by an SMS or WhatsApp text message alerting Café Sol of the payment, including student name and amount paid.

Step 2:  Pre-ordering: (for secondary students we be able to order lunch only)

1.  Send a message either via Whatsapp or SMS to 842233761 with the following information:

  • Name of Student

  • Items and quantities desired

2.  Orders can be sent from the day before up to 9:00 the day the food is to be picked up at lunchtime.  This is restricted only to lunch for students for the time being.

3.  Because of the pre-ordering system needed under the current environment, each consumer’s account will be charged at the time of order and not at the time of pick-up.  Unfortunately, it will be difficult to re-credit a consumer’s account if the student/consumer does not show to pick up or cancels the order too late to make changes. 


3.  Food Pick-up

  • Each food order will be individually packaged --- 
  • We will try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, although some things like cling-wrap may have to be used for now.
  • At lunchtime, 3 lunch distribution stations on the deck will serve lunches using Alphabetical Grouping by first name.  (This will help in reducing the size of the pick-up line, as well as waiting time)