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Virtual Gatherings

It’s busy. It’s exciting. But it’s also important for our young learners to be prepared for learning, eating, and playing.  Below is what we have shared with new families. It’s a good reminder for all:

As you prepare for your primary school learner(s) to begin classes at AISM, we thought it might be helpful to know about the following:

  • Hats – The sun is very hot here in Mozambique and all children in the primary school are expected to wear a hat when they are outside. Research tells us that the most severe damage is done to a person’s skin before the age of 15. Hats prevent damage to the face, neck and ears – the most vulnerable areas of the head.
  • Water bottles – Every child is expected to have a water bottle every day. There are 10 water stations around the primary school where children can fill/refill their bottles. Hydrated minds learn better, so teachers will ensure that hydration breaks are built into their instructional time. It is important that students have the self-management skills to ensure they have this bottle with them at all times.
  • Lunch tickets – The cafeteria cooks a hot lunch every day and also provides cold lunch and snack options. Children pay for food through a ticket system. In the younger grades, teachers will store these tickets, but older children are expected to self-manage this process. Tickets are purchased from the cafeteria – you can do this before school or during the school day.
  • Library bags – Our suggestion would be to have water proof bags for library books.
  • Physical Education uniform – Children are encouraged to wear an AISM shirt and black shorts on the days that they have physical education (PE). They can be purchased from the school shop. A price list has been given to all new families – it is in the little capulana bag of information. The school shop is located in the office of Integrated Learning, next to the Primary School Office
  • Class Seesaw – To follow and support your child’s learning, every learner has a Seesaw portfolio. It is updated regularly, and you will receive a notification through the Seesaw App alerting you to the update. Log-in details will be shared in the beginning of the year. Please make an effort to view your child’s Seesaw portfolio on a regular basis.
  • Class schedules – Classroom teachers will provide this information on the beginning of the year.
  • Supplies – AISM provides all materials for learning.
  • Sand under the climbing frames – This sand is not covered and only treated 4 times a year. Its purpose is a ‘drop-zone’ – it is not for digging and playing. Children are discouraged from playing in this sand. The early learning centre has a sand pit used specifically for learning.
  • Gate Access Passes- One of the first items to take care of when you arrive on campus is to get your picture taken (as well as all members of your family--including your domestic help) for your gate access passes. Please make sure you use these when entering and exiting the campus. Children should also use their own tag. This system will eventually be used as an attendance record. If you are having problems with your tag or need a replacement, please email Carlos our security coordinator.
  • Absence and tardiness – If your child is unable to attend school please email the class teacher. All absences are recorded on each report card. Approval from the principal is needed should you wish to take your child out of school for more than 3 days. 
  • After School Activities (called ASAs) – ASAs are managed by our Integrated Learning Department. They offer a dynamic selection of activities for grade 1 through 5 from 2.40 – 3.40, 4 days a week.  Kindergarten ASA’s are available twice a week, starting in season two. Tavela Kwilimbe is the ASA Coordinator. Please email him should you need further information.
  • Drop-off and pick-up times – Children should be dropped at school from 7:15 each morning and collected promptly at 14:30. as there is no after school supervision. Children attending ASA should be promptly collected at 15:40.