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Dear AISM Families,

Welcome to the new academic year. A few notes from the the Health Team:

AISM would like to draw your attention to several health areas that are key in maintaining optimum health within the school environment. Please note the following requirements of the Board’s school health policy:

The school health program is designed to ensure a safe, healthy environment that is conducive to learning for all students and to provide care for students who become ill or injured while at school. The program is no substitute for the health care that parents provide for their children and therefore, parents are encouraged to arrange regular appointments with their private physician or other medical professionals as needed.


Students with a fever (>100F or 38C), diarrhoea or vomiting may NOT attend school. Any student developing the fever at school will report to the nurse’s office; the school nurse will phone the parents and the student will be collected from the nurse’s office. Any student who has had a fever >38C may not return to school until he/she has been fever-free without any medication for at least 24 hours.  

Any student who needs to take antibiotics for an infectious disease must remain at home until he/she has had a full 48 hours of medication to ensure that the child is no longer contagious.


Any medication to be administered at school must be handed to a member of the health team by the parent/guardian with a completed, signed Medication Authorisation Form stating name of medication, dosage and the time it needs to be administered.


If students are found to have lice or nits/eggs, the parent/guardian will be informed for prompt treatment and control to be conducted at home. Please check your children’s hair regularly for nits/eggs. In most cases, a child will not be sent home from school due to lice/nits.

Hats and Heat

In the southern hemisphere, the days can be hot and UV protection is critical. All students are encouraged to use sunscreen and/or other protection from the sun. Primary school students are required to wear hats when playing outside; and bring a water bottle to school each and every day.

Guardianship Forms

School policy requires that a Travel Guardianship Form be filled out when parents are travelling outside of Maputo while their child(ren) attend school.  This form must identify the name and contact information of the temporary guardian who has agreed to assume responsibility for the child in the absence of parents. This information is essential in the event a student needs medical attention at school during his/her parent’s absence.

Parent Contact DetailsParent contact information must be kept up to date. Phone and email addresses are essential should parents need to be contacted in case of emergency. Notify the school if there are any changes.

Health History Form

There are new forms required this year:  the standard Health History, updates to required vaccinations, and a medical certification confirming that your child is fit to participate in all school-based activities. These forms are due during the first week of school and provide current information about your child’s health. Please contact the health team if you have any questions or issues in completing and submitting the forms. Should there be any change to a student’s medical history during the upcoming year, do notify the nurse’s office.

Should you require any further information please contact the health team.

Thank you for helping to keep AISM a healthy place for all our students and staff.

The Health Team
Sarah Sheldon, Nurse Practitioner
Yolanda Psotka, First Aid Trained/AdministrativeAssistant
Miriam Borobor-Tennyson, Registered Nurse-equivalent