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Virtual Gatherings

Mon 12 Aug Vegetarian Neapolitan Pasta & Veggies
Tue 13 Aug Chicken Chicken “Zambeziana” with Mucapata & Rice
Wed 14 Aug Fish Fish Rolls with Roast Potatoes
Thu 15 Aug Beef Grilled Beef with Rice and Black Beans
Fri 16 Aug Chicken Roast Chicken with Spinach Rice
Mon 19 Aug Vegetarian Vegetable Carry with Sweet Mashed Potatoes
Tue 20 Aug Beef Beef “Cebolado”(Onions) with Rice
Wed 21 Aug Chicken Chicken Lasagne
Thu 22 Aug Fish Baked Lemon Fish with Veggie Rice & Creamed Spinach
Fri 23 Aug Chicken Slowpoke Rice Chicken with Red Beans
Mon 26 Aug Vegetarian Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
Tue 27 Aug Fish Tuna Arrabiata with Penne, Mixed Leaf Salad & Vegetables
Wed 28 Aug Chicken Roast Chicken with Spinach Rice
Thu 29 Aug Beef Beef with Olives served on Mash Potatoes
Fri 30 Aug Chicken Chicken in BBQ Sauce with Veggie Rice