This is the document that was handed out at our new student and parent orientation session.

Campus Access

Please note that AISM operates a gate access system.  The gate access system is designed to restrict access to persons that have been granted access to our community.  To access campus, each person must be in possession of an AISM issued identity card. AISM identity cards are issued by AISM security and limited to learners, parents, and AISM employees.  

AISM also issues identity cards to the domestic staff of AISM families.  To obtain an identity card for domestic staff, the AISM parent must accompany the domestic worker to campus and grant them permission via a written form which provides them access to campus and with it the designation as a temporary guardian to deliver and pick-up your child(ren) from school.

To receive an AISM identity card, you must visit the welcome center to take a photo and confirm your identity.  ID cards will be ready for pick-up 48 hours thereafter.

Transportation Services

AISM offers transportation services to AISM families via our subcontractor Pfuxela Transportation Services.  Transportation services include both one-way and roundtrip delivery and includes after-school activities transport at 4:00 and 5:30 pm.  Transportation is an additional service that requires an additional fee. For more information about AISM’s transportation services please contact

School Arrival Procedures

School begins promptly at 7:30 am and learners may arrive on campus from 7:00 am onward.  Families that will be dropping their children off each day must use the designated drop-off zones.  AISM has two drop-off areas, one on the west side of the street in the parking lot, and one of the east side of the street just past the entrance.  Security personnel are stationed in front of the school to ensure the learners' safe arrival on campus.

Families that wish to escort their child(ren) into school are asked to park in the lot across from the entrance.  

School Dismissal Procedures

School is dismissed at 2:30 pm, with additional dismissal times at 3:45 post after-school activities, and 5:15 post sports practices.  

Primary School Learners

Primary school learners must be picked up in person and physical custody must be transferred to the parents or guardians.  Learners that are dismissed at 2:30 must be picked up in their classroom. Learners participating in after-school activities must also be picked up by a parent or guardian.  The after-school activities department will hold learners in the ASA pick-up area (lawn adjacent to the ASA office) until they are picked.

We respectfully ask that your learners are collected within 10-minutes of the designated dismissal time.

Secondary School Learners

Secondary learners are allowed free movement around campus after school.  Secondary learners are allowed to wait just inside the school gate to be collected.  A parent or guardian must be visible to security before the learner will be allowed to exit the gates.

Secondary learners participating in after-school activities or sports are asked to wait inside the school gate for their pick-up.  

School Supplies

AISM provides the majority of supplies that learners need.  

In Secondary School there are instances when specialty equipment is required.  The secondary school publishes a list of needed supplies which can be found on the family portal or in the secondary school office.

Dress Code

AISM is a non-uniform school.  We believe that dress is an act of expression.  As our school is an inclusive and diverse community, we request that our learners observe a common standard of dress.  Simply put, we ask our learners to dress in a manner that is appropriate for school. This includes clothing that covers the parts of the body that are considered private in most cultures, avoiding clothing that contains inappropriate images and text, i.e. alcohol, sexually suggestive, or that is culturally insensitive.  For complete dress code information, please see the school handbook.

Physical Education

Learners are expected to dress in athletic attire for physical education.  This includes athletic shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt, and closed-toed athletic footwear.  For more information, please consult your child’s physical education teacher.



AISM offers a comprehensive cafeteria that serves a variety of meals daily.  The cafeteria staff publishes the lunch menu on the family portal each month.  The daily lunch is paid for using a lunch ticket that can be purchased in the cafeteria.   In addition to the cafeteria menu, the cafeteria offers a cash-only snack bar that contains additional food options.

Cafe Sol Kiosk

The school also offers a food kiosk for secondary learners and parents.  The Cafe Sol is a cash-only kiosk that provides coffee and a cafe menu.  See Cafe Sol for additional details.

Lunch Drop-off

AISM offers a lunch drop-off service.  Should you need to drop off your child’s lunch after the school day has started, the lunch drop-off area is located inside the school gates in the large black metal cabinets.  Drop off lunches are delivered to the cafeteria for primary school learners. Secondary learners are asked to collect their lunch themselves.

Primary School Snack

Primary school learners are asked to bring a daily nutritious snack that will be consumed during the mid-morning recess.  Additionally, all learners should bring a water bottle to school each day.

Nut-Aware Environment

Cashews and peanuts are in robust supply in Mozambique.  However, as will all communities, we have a number of learners and faculty with nut allergies.  We ask that you refrain from including any form of nuts in your child's snack or lunch.

After School Activities and Sports

AISM offers a vast menu of afterschool activities and sports.  Our activities program operates in three, 10-week seasons with new sign-ups for each season.  Sports also operate on a three-season schedule. Sports offerings vary each season and by grade level.

Please see our Activities Office for more information.


AISM provides drinking water for all learners.  As part of our core values, we aim to be good stewards of our environment.  We ask every learner to bring a reusable water bottle to school. The school does not provide paper cups for drinking water.  A small supply of reusable cups are available around campus for those learners who forget their water bottle.

Week Without Walls (WWW)

AISM requires all students in Grade 5 to Grade 12 to participate in a week of experiential learning called Week Without Walls.  The intention of the WWW program is to build our community by engaging in a common experience and overcoming challenges together.  WWW differs by grade and all trips are inclusive of tuition as WWW is a required part of our curriculum.

It is urgent that new families contact the Activities Office to learn about their child’s trip, the required forms, and inform the office of any additional considerations about their learner.


AISM uses technology to deepen the learning experience.  We align our technology use in an intentional manner that honors the developmental continuum of our learners.  In ELC through Grade 3 learners utilize a variety of classroom-based technology including laptops, iPads, and mobile devices.  In Grades 4 to Grade 6, learners engage in a one-to-one Chromebook program. The school provides the Chromebooks and the technology stays in the classroom.  In grades 7 and beyond, the school operates a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) program. Learners are expected to bring a laptop (PC or Mac) to school that meets the school’s minimum requirements. 

Questions about school technology can be directed to our Technology Department.