The AISM PTA has created WhatApp groups for parents at each grade level.  The purpose is to share information between parents.  In order to ensure that the spirit and intent of these groups is maintained, the PTA has created usage guidelines.  Please engage with each other and be mindful of these points.  After reading these, please join and get involved!

AISM PTA  WhatsApp Policy

By joining these groups you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1.   The class WhatsApp group is set up by the Parents Teacher Association (PTA), with the class representative as administrator.

2.   These groups are intended as a convenient way to distribute important school information, for parents to communicate easily with each other and create a sense of community.  

3.   The groups should not be used to post private or confidential messages or express personal opinions or gossip.  

4.    Avoid Inappropriate posts.  these include using inappropriate language, personal attacks or insulting messages, bullying of any member, voicing grievances with the school or with individual members of the group.  

5.    For individual concerns, please raise these directly with the parent concerned, teacher or, where necessary, Administration.   Any concerns may also be addressed to the PTA

6.    The group administrator, will have the right to restrict admission, remove or ban anyone from the group without any notification. 

7.     It is not necessary to respond to every post.  If your message is not relevant to a majority of group members, please consider if it is more appropriate to reply by way of a personal message. 

8.    Please respect the time you post. Early in the morning, late at night and during school holidays are discouraged where possible. 

9.    By accepting a request to join the group,  participants agree to these group guidelines. Please note, by accepting the request to join, you are sharing your phone number with other parents within your child’s class. Once you join, you always have the option to leave the group.

 AISM PTA Executive Committee


2020-2021 WhatsApp groups have been set up for the parents/guardians in each grade group.  All previous grade groups will be disabled.  Please see the new grade links to join for the new school year.

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