Buffalos 4 Beira & Beyond

As a service to our community and to our friends worldwide, we have developed this site as a way to help those who are looking for ways to assist the victims of Cyclone Idai.  AISM has tried to limit the content to efforts where we are able to verify the information and where resources are directed to relief efforts in the affected area.

Information was gathered from sources such as the New York Times, Public Broadcasting Service, and local civic leaders.

Buffalos4Beira /AISM Alumni effort towards the Kits 4 Kids and Kits 4 Girls: https://www.gofundme.com/kits-for-girls-kits-for-kids

International Aid Agencies (monetary contributions)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is already providing shelter and water purification supplies in Beira. Two additional emergency response units have been deployed to the city to provide sanitation facilities and water. The International Committee of the Red Cross is helping register missing persons and reconnect families separated by the storm.

Direct Relief is moving emergency medical supplies, medicine and hygiene items to affected areas in conjunction with local partners. The group says it is concerned about the possible spread of disease caused by flooding and the lack of sanitation and clean drinking water.

Water Mission has an existing program in Malawi, and has deployed additional staff and equipment to the area, including water pumps, purification tablets, chlorinators and generators. The group is also working with partners in Mozambique.

Save the Children is working closely with the Mozambique government and other aid organizations to support children impacted by the disaster. An aerial assessment shows that major flooding is imminent in the town of Buzi, home to approximately 2,500 children.

Joint Aid Management (JAM) is an African-founded organization working and operating in Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Catholic Relief Services is the international agency of the Catholic Church in the United States. Working with local partners in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, Catholic Relief Services are working to provide an initial 4,000 families with immediate aid – food, emergency shelter, water and living supplies.

Doctors Without Borders is working to provide medical support and water sanitation in Mozambique, ZImbabwe and Malawi. You can make a general donation to their efforts here.

Gift of the Givers is an African disaster relief organization that is leading flood response in Malawi. You can contribute to their efforts here.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the world's leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization, is accepting donations for Mozambique relief efforts.

CARE, a nonprofit that focuses on women and girls, is providing seeds and livestock. They are also working with other aid organizations to give out tools for water purification, as well as hygiene products and emergency latrines.

The United Nations World Food Programme is distributing food in the city of Beira and surrounding areas, and will stay on the ground to aid recovery as the flooding dwindles. To support their mission, donate here.

The UN's International Disaster Relief System fund would support efforts to provide aid to more than 400,000 people. UNICEF is also on the ground helping children and families. You can make tax-deductible donation to their relief fund here.

ActionAid is on the ground in all three countries. In Zimbabwe, it is preparing to distribute shelter, blankets, food, hygiene kits and clothing. In Mozambique, the group has already provided fuel and shelter. In Malawi, it will focus on protecting women and ensuring that children have access to education in camps.


Local/Regional Aid Agencies (monetary contributions)

Gorongosa National Park is active on the ground using their helicopters and other equipment to rescue people and to deliver needed supplies.  They have a page where you can donate to help: http://www.gorongosa.org/our-story/hurricane-idai-relief-fund

The Association for the Children of Mozambique is a Mozambique-based charity founded by Swiss national Barbara Hoffman.The organization provides support to orphans and runs schools in the country.

Humanity & Inclusion have been working in Mozambique since 1986, helping disable landmines and tackling other issues stemming from the country's 25-year civil war. The organization has 40 people working on the ground in Mozambique, helping clear roads and giving special attention to people with disabilities. You can read more about their work and donate here.

Mennonite Central Committee is working in Mozambique and Malawi to provide needed assistance: https://donate.mcc.org/cause/cyclone-idai-response

Kits 4 Girls: Partnership between AISM and Wamina, that aims to provide reusable sanitary pads to girls affected by the cyclone.

Local Aid Efforts (collecting donations of supplies)

Kits4Kids: AISM effort that aims to provide children affected by the cyclone with a set of clothing.

Escola Portuguesa de Moçambique is collecting non-perishable food products to be delivered to Beira.  

Unidos Por Beira is collecting supplies to be shipped to Beira, including but not limited to non-perishable food, mosquito nets, hygiene products, and water.

Local Aid Efforts (where people can lend a hand)

Unidos Por Beira needs help with packing donated supplies and loading them on to the ships that will be delivering the supplies to Beira.