“When I talk to parents, learners, or our faculty about what they love about AISM and want to protect above all else, I hear about our diversity. AISM is a place where people from many walks of life can come together around a common vision and learn from one another's stories, experiences, and perspectives.” 

Ian Hoke
Former Secondary School Principal


Parent involvement is an essential part of AISM.

Our People


From the Early Years through Grade 12, AISM students are our raison d’etre and our backbone. Walk around the school and you’ll see smiles everywhere. It’s a happy place with happy students. Our students, from 60+ countries, are a diverse group that are supportive of each other’s interests. Buffalo Pride is palpable, in everyday classes and activities as well as major events from International Day to sports competitions to Extended Essay presentations.


Talented and dedicated. AISM is fortunate to have a faculty and staff who share the common goal of student success. Our teachers come from around the world. Some have been at the school for more than 15 years, while others are recent arrivals who enrich our community with their array of international experiences. Our teachers are committed professionals who are always learning themselves and who willingly share with one another.


AISM benefits from an engaged and helpful parent community. The formal organization of parents, the PTA, has an active presence in campus and assists in an array of programming, from Orientation to International Day to Family Fun Days to sponsoring learning evenings for parents. They are a wonderful extension of the school and an invaluable resource.


Throughout the year, students and faculty get the chance to hear from parents who are experts in their field. Whether on topics of diplomacy and statecraft to childhood poverty, our students’ education is enriched by the generosity of our parents.


The AISM alumni body is young and growing. The school welcomes any student who attended for one year or more to self-identify as AISM alumni. The alumni network is growing, and many alumni show great interest in connecting with one another to share the pride and community spirit that was formative and important to them as students.

Our alumni now live around the world, in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Together with former teachers, they build connections with the school and with each other that last a lifetime.