“Here I get to grow multiculturally and appreciate the connections I have daily with my learners and coworkers.” 

Monica Vega Morales
Head Librarian 

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Welcome to AISM's Libraries. The Heart of our School!

Our Libraries serve the entire AISM School Community.
We strive to provide equitable library access for Learners to develop critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of reading and become global citizens who understand the ethical use of information.

  • Promote and foster a love for reading in order to become lifelong readers as well as nurturing their curiosity
  • Providing students with the skills to search for, evaluate and use information effectively and independently
  • Support our teacher’s instructions through collaboration, and expand the learning from the classroom to the Library
  • Collect and provide information in a variety of formats to support our IB Learner Profiles

Library Team

Mrs. Vega
Head Librarian

At AISM I get to connect with the entire school community. I work on helping our Library grow to meet the needs of our 21st Century learners and our IB programs. I extend the learning from the classroom to our Libraries as well as going into the classroom. I am an active and loud Librarian, which is quite the oxymoron, but as time changes we have to be flexible and see things outside the picture. I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science and always look for new opportunities to learn personally and professionally. 

Reading interest: Suspense, Thrillers

Ms. Vanessa
Library Teaching Assistant

I am an avid reader and have a deep passion for education. I’ve been a part of the AISM community for ten years and a member of staff for five. I am currently on the last stretch to finalizing my Bachelors Degree in Intermediate Education. AISM is my home and its community is part of my diverse extended family, even after they leave, once a buffalo always a buffalo.

Reading interest: Classics


Library Teaching Assistant

Following in Dr. Seuss 's footsteps I enjoy helping children of all ages and abilities learn to read, making reading FUN. 

I enjoy all genres but mostly: Informational,  biography and poetry. 

Mr. VJ

Library Teaching Assistant

The knots-Bolts of cataloging at AISM’s Libraries. I maintain our catalog system by processing printed material, technology, electronics and more. I work with Staff and Learners in using the Library catalog, identifying resources for studies. I ensure our Library is in order for our Patrons use. I have a Diploma in Administration and Accounting and am currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Renewable Energy and petroleum Engineering.

Reading interest: Historical Fiction