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The school recognizes that families occasionally have to be absent for short periods of time for a variety of reasons. However, we also recognize that removing your child from school can have a negative impact on his or her academic progress, social skills and emotional well-being. Please be advised that the school has a limit of 18 days per academic year for student absence.


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middle states association

First page of the PDF file: MSA-CESS_Mid-Term_Review_final

When the Middle States Association grants accreditation to an educational institution, the accreditation action includes several conditions that must be met in order to retain that accredited status throughout the term of accreditation.

First page of the PDF file: Mid-term_response_from_MSA_2015

This is to confirm that the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools has received, reviewed and accepted the Mid-Term Report completed for American International School of Mozambique. The report was found to be complete, and shows evidence of faithful implementation of the strategic plan for growth and improvement.

Annual Report