AISM embraces diversity and has made a commitment to partnership with our local community.  It is our core purpose to connect with our community to enrich the lives of our students and to contribute positively to the future of Mozambique.  Open Doors embraces this ethos and takes a three-prong approach to partnership: Community Connections, Open Doors Scholarship, and financial aid.

Community Connections

AISM aims to provide an education that offers authentic connections through the incorporation of place-based learning. The school aims to connect students with rich opportunities and unique challenges that can be found in local communities. The Community Connections program offers students a variety of opportunities to take their classroom learning to the community. In addition, we actively seek partnerships that can bring Mozambique to our students.

We are always searching for strong, sustainable partnerships.  If you are a community partner interesting in working with our school, please contact us at AISMinfo@aism-moz.com

Open Doors Scholarships

The AISM Open Doors Scholarship Program provides educational opportunities to Mozambican students of secondary age who would otherwise not be able to attend the school. The scholarship is a needs-based, merit scholarship that awards the recipient a scholarship in the value of the full cost of attendance.

The competitive application process is designed to attract Mozambique’s most academically talented students and utilize the school’s resources to enable them to be highly competitive in post-secondary admissions. The three-year scholarship enables the recipient to attend AISM for grades 10, 11 and 12 and provides the opportunity for the recipient to earn an internationally recognized high school certificate and the International Baccalaureate diploma.

The scholarship program selection process begins each year in October and the successful applicants are notified in March. Information about the Open Doors Scholarship Program can be obtained by contacting Open Doors Scholarship Coordinator, Gilda Acubo at gilda.acubo@aism-moz.com.

Financial Aid

AISM, in support of our commitment to our current community and in an effort to maintain our cultural diversity, makes a limit pool of financial aid available to subsidize up to 25% of tuition.  The financial aid program is available for those students who are already in attendance, and who are Mozambican citizens, have an application for Mozambican citizenship pending, or have obtained a 5-year Residence Permit (DIRE). 

Minimum eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. The student on whose behalf the application is being made must be currently enrolled at AISM
  2. The student must be a Mozambique citizen or have a pending application for citizenship or have a 5-year DIRE
  3. The student must have completed at least one full school year prior to the date from which the financial scholarship is requested.
  4. Financial Scholarships are not available to students whose fees are paid in full or in part by embassies, companies, NGOs, churches, etc.

Completed applications should be submitted to the finance office prior to the annual application deadline.

For more information about the financial aid program, please see the documents below.