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Parents Have Access to our eBooks and eMagazines in Sora- Here’s How to Check Them Out

We are very excited to now be offering parents access to Sora, which is our ebook platform for students. For those of you who may have Overdrive accounts via other libraries (the adult app for that is Libby), you can simply add our American International School of Mozambique account to that- note that you DO need to spell out the entire school name- you won’t find our school if you type AISM.

Parent access must use these log-in credentials:

  • User ID: the email that you have on file with our school records
  • Pin: aism2023 (you can change your password after the initial login)

Here is a short 4-minute video that takes you through the steps.

As a parent, our magazines (which are for all ages) will probably be the part of Sora you find most interesting. We have a small number of adult reads in Sora and can grow this over time, using your recommendations, too.  Most of the content in Sora is for students as we just added this platform in August of 2021.

Here is the list of all the magazines we have in Sora, so you can check to see if your favorites are among them.

After you look up American International School of Mozambique, be sure to select the second option below that has “parents” at the end of it:

Next, sign into your school account with the credentials below:

  • Your User ID is your parent email.
  • Your PIN is aism2023.

If you need a hand with any of these steps, please pass by and we will gladly assist.  

Happy browsing and reading, everyone!


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