“I really like AISM's Buffalo spirit. Just like buffalos we roam together as one. For example in ISSEA events, sports events, Mayfair, International Day- the parents, teachers, students, principals and director all support each other. I really like the energy and enthusiasm that the school has.”

Sanjana Lyall 
Grade 8 Learner


Buffalos are sprited participants and often emerge as victors.

Student Life

What does a typical day look like at AISM? The day starts at 08:00, and classes end at 15:00. Either side of the regular school day, there are a wide variety of 'Before School Activities' (BSAs) that begin at 07:00 and 'After School Activities' (ASAs) that typically run until 16:30. Days at AISM are busy and varied. Students’ schedules differ depending on which programme they are enrolled in.

The role of play is important in the elementary school, although we work hard. Every day and in many ways, our students engage in supervised play around campus.

Athletics & Activities

Three times a year, students and parents eagerly await the announcement of next season’s BSAs and ASAs - programs that enrich students’ lives and begin/end their day at school. It could be ballet, or basketball. Many of these offerings emerge when willing parents or teachers step up to share their interests and passions.

Community Connections

AISM is committed to improving the lives of our neighbors and learning more about ourselves in the process. Community Connections, which is woven into our curriculum, is an opportunity for students to have an off-campus experience with people in the greater Maputo area who can benefit from a partnership with our school and its students, parents, and teachers.

Week Without Walls

Upper primary, middle and high school students kick off each year with a week-long program that weaves together bonding and adventure with a trip-specific curriculum. These adventures might include spending a week in a village or in a bush camp, or riding horses or canoeing. These grade-specific programs help form friendships and provide a memorable shared experience to start the school year.

Student support and well-being

We make sure we help students succeed in myriad ways. That means making sure they can get additional support if needed. Our professional counselors meet with our students from their primary years through secondary school, and we provide college counseling. For students who may feel physically ill during the school day or who might get injured on the playground or the sports field, a team of professionals attend to these needs. For those who need additional educational help, we have EAL services and learning specialists to help students succeed.