On any given day on this magical 20 acres just off the Indian Ocean in Southeast Africa our students, faculty, and staff are nourished by the remarkable energy that a community with a common purpose generates. Dig deeper. Learn more about what resonates so powerfully for those who make up the AISM community.

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"We have a huge amount of school spirit, we always win fair play when we travel. We are the best team for spirit."

Max Frontiera 
Grade 9

“I really love the support of teachers and the clean environment.”

Zara Lüscher 
Grade 6


“I really like AISMs Buffalo spirit. Just like buffalos we roam together as one. I really like the energy and enthusiasm that the school has.”

Sanjana Lyall 
Grade 9


“Playing in the drama center. I like dressing up as a princess.”

Rayah Craig


“I like PE because I am a sports person. I do all kinds of sports. I just love to do a lot of sports, I am an active person.”

Makai Greenberg
Grade 3


“The ability to welcome and integrate newcomers into the school, to make them feel at home at such a fast pace.”

Jules Battaglia
Grade 11


“I like the people- I think the community and the students are really open and accepting. They are very nice and welcoming to newcomers.”

Ian Rein
Grade 11


“The value that AISM has is a deeper learning in a conceptual field that we get to go through. Deeper in to topics, more concepts, relating to real world problems.”

Rylan Robb
Grade 10


“I really think that over the past 22 years AISM has been fertile ground where people can grow. Whether it was students growing, teachers growing or inspirational ideas growing.”

Colleen Fletcher
Director of Community Partnerships


“A school where our  learners are empowered with voice, choice and ownership to self-direct their learning, to pursue their passions and interests.”

Joseph Buscemi
Primary School Principal


“I feel like the staff and the families and the students all pull together, including the outer community, to be one. It is a great feeling.”

Marlo Frontiera
Secondary School Counselor


“All things that we do in the community, start at the school and the communities around the school. We start local then we go national and then international.”

Sarah Mulford
Secondary School Humanities Teacher


“I love the small classes and the fact that the kids all know each other really well. They work very well together. There is a real sense of community among the students and faculty.”

Nancy Teskey
Secondary School Music Teacher


“I really love that the kids and teachers can really just be themselves- they are accepted for who they are.”

Patrizia Fernandes
Secondary School English Teacher


“AISM is a place that respects and stays committed to the highly professional and dedicated teachers. It is so special in terms of the diversity that we have on campus.”

Sandeep Lyall
Secondary School Humanities Teacher/ TOK Coordinator


“We have gone from being just a small school to finding our footing to becoming an amazing place for our learners and an amazing place for our teachers and educators to work at.”

Lee Clagnaz
Activities Director


“It is a very organised school, and it is a school that changed my life a lot.”

Eminencia Tivane
Security Guard


“We interact with different people with various nationalities.”

Nely Matsinhe
Human Resources Assistant


“I like this school because it is clean, has good teachers and good workers.”

Alice Macandza
Security Guard


“The interaction with all the diverse cultures we have here is really good, and it helps a lot with personal growth.”

Herminio Dualia
Maintenance Manager


It is impressive how teachers are always striving to make this a great school and so focused on giving our learners an education that will make them great citizens.”

Sylvia de Lima
Executive Assistant of the Director


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